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Jesus I Trust In You

I always was fond of the Devotion to the Divine Mercy and attended many services at Eden Hill in Stockbridge for many years. After John Paul II made the Sunday after Easter the Feast of Mercy I really started to get involved with the Chaplet and devotion service on Mercy Sunday.

One day I found out that Dave Flannery started the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy at Blessed Sacrament on the second Sunday of the month (May 11) and I made a point to attend.

Thereafter, Dave and I talked more about Divine Mercy and the Chaplet and we decided it would be a good idea to start a website to promote Divine Mercy, the Chaplet and Mercy Sundays in the Western Massachusetts area. So I started this website.

Dave supplied the graphics for the home page. I contacted the Marians and other contacts for permission to use materials, music, pictures, text, etc.

I sent emails to the many parishes that are listed on the Diocese of Springfield website. I added information on the schedule page for days, times and locations for the chaplet, novena, etc. It still does not have listings for every location but hopefully we can keep adding to the list.

I would also like to get involved with helping others start the chaplet in their parishes or with groups of parishioners anywhere. I also intend to be available to go locally to pray the chaplet with anyone who wants someone to pray with them especially when a person is sick or dying.

I hope you like this website as we intend to keep updating it to make it the very best and informative on the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Mercy Sundays. Please don't hesitate to contact me about anything with this website or with the chaplet.

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